Best Guide on How to Approach the Whole Golf Club Fitting Process

There are no reasons you should not get custom fit for your golf club except you are not willing to upgrade your performance on the course. Sentiments apart, I feel worried anytime I see golfers going into golf shops to purchase a random golf club. It is not an excellent way to improve your skills and gain confidence in the course.

Best Guide on How to Approach the Whole Golf Club Fitting Process

The benefits and the value involved are numerous. The control it gives golfer over the golf club to the comfort it brings when playing the game makes it worth whatever investment you make to achieve it.

Mind you; I am not asking you not to patronize your favorite brand. If you have been so captivated by the feel, look, or other reasons best to you, it is not a problem. Once you buy it, get a custom fit.

Meanwhile, you don’t just have to make an appointment with a golf club fitter without being fully prepared for the change. Whether you plan to work with a brand agnostic or brand-specific fitter, you need to keep a few things in your mind. Here are some tips to help you out.

Make sure you go there relaxed 

It’s normal to feel tensed or sore when you will get custom fit for your golf club. Yet, it is not advisable to get overwhelmed by that negative feeling. If this is your first time getting fitted, you might naturally get tensed overwhelmed by different expectations. 

Yes. I know your ultimate goal will be to get the best result. If that is true with you, I advise that you go for your fitting well-rested. Why is it that important? Being relaxed will keep you active to make the right swings when the fitter requires. 

This advice is the most basic. However, most golfers overlook it hiding under the passion and expectation to do well at the fitting. 

Being relaxed is particularly important if you want to get fitted for a whole bag. I always recommend any golfer who wants to get a complete bag custom fitting to split the entire process into two separate days. That way, you will be able to make a quality swing at the fitting shop. learn about the quality of best golf club visit at

Don’t be biased 

When you are going to get custom-fitted, make sure that you prepare your mind for the task ahead. Like I always advise, before you enter into the golf club fitting shop, leave whatever bias you have on your mind at the door and walk in with an open mind. That way, you will be able to try every option that is available to you. 

In most cases, golfers hesitate to try different options from the same manufacturer. Based on fact, the only cause for that is a closed mind. If you want to get the best out of your club fitting, do not approach a fitting shop with a rigid mindset. Some will merely fine-tune the shaft and the clubhead combination they already picked for themselves.

Do you know why I am emphasizing being open-minded? It is because you don’t know what will work best for you. And that’s the whole meaning of getting custom fit in the first place. 

To make everything more transparent, I would advise you to get engaged with your fitter on every instruction he or she gives you. Dare to ask why he or she is suggesting that particular brand, golf club, and shafts. That will help you and your fitter to flow effortlessly together, being on the same page.  

Don’t be carried away by distance

Most golfers (if not all) appreciate hitting up some distance with all their clubs to the best of my knowledge. And, the urge for distance may also soar if you watch pros like Rory, Koepka, and the likes. Having said all that, you need to know that, in golf, distance is not everything. 

I know it feels great to hit about 330 yards with your golf club. However, it can be utterly useless if you are hitting the ball two fairways over. Meanwhile, you can shoot only 260 yards can stand in a comfortable position in the middle of the fairway setting yourself up for a solid score.

Most importantly, make sure you work your mind-to-mind with your fitter to achieve a perfect balance along with hitting your maximum spin rates. 

Understand your yardage gapping 

This fact might be somewhat applicable to your wedges and irons. However, they are your scoring golf clubs. Now, let’s assume you are testing out your shaft and golf club head combinations and find a set-up that can help you hit 25b yards. Of course, that is awesome. It will make your par 3s and 4s easier. But, there’s a question you need to ask yourself: did you gain 25 yards? 

Let me fill you in.

Most clubs don’t have lofts stamp at the bottom. Since you have known that most golfers believe that 6-irons are the same, perhaps it may shock you to hear that the statement is wrong. 6-irons drastically differ from one manufacturer or model to another. This truth remains valid whether you are upgrading to the present generation of the same model or switching brands. 

Be honest with yourself and your fitter

Most golfers get everything wrong at this juncture. One thing that can mess the whole thing up is not giving your fitter accurate information. Know that your fitter is not a superhuman. He would perform every task based on the information you provide. 

Hence, you must provide honest answers to every question your fitter ask from you to help him do the right job. When you meet with your fitter, have it in mind that you will reveal everything area that you know you need help. 

Best Guide on How to Approach the Whole Golf Club Fitting Process


Getting fitted for your golf club is your best bet for better performance on the course. If you get it right, there is no limit to how much you can enjoy the game. However, without a good guide, the whole thing might count as a waste of time and money. However, you can be sure of excellent results if you follow the above guide accurately.