Best Golf Club Handle Techniques for an Accurate Golf Swing

The swing is one of the essential basic skills in golf. Unfortunately, not many golfers know how to swing with the proper golf club handle handling techniques consistently. 

Best Golf Club Handle Techniques for an Accurate Golf Swing

Most beginners stumble at this juncture. Some pros still find it challenging to get their various desired results because they have not mastered how to swing perfectly. 

But, it is not that difficult. It’s simply about handling. If you have issues making a perfect swing, you are reading the right article. This write-up contains the best golf club handle techniques that will improve your swing power. learn more about the Golf club by visiting at

Let me start with this honest, simple question: what’s your focus when you swing your club? Let me help you. Your focus is on how to move your golf club properly through the ball, or perhaps you focus on the point where you want your shot to hit. Or, like most golfers, you may not even concentrate on anything at all, which can be a crucial reason you are getting your swing right. 

This article will expose the best techniques to handle your golf club and focus on how it moves as you swing on the course. 

The handle of the golf club you are holding plays an integral role in your swing. It’s pretty alarming that most golfers (even the so-called pros) overlook it. Do you also have the ‘overlooking’ attitude? Well, I assure you that you will change your mind before the end of this article.

Are you ready for the ride? Let’s go and learn a few tricks. 

First, you need to know that the handle of your golf club has a significant impact on every shot you make on the course. I know that may not sound professional if you think about it. But, let’s take from this perspective. The handle connects directly to the golf club. Hence, whatever you do with the handle reflects how the clubhead swings through the ball. 

Now, don’t you think it is fair enough to say that the handle dictates the moves of the clubhead? That makes some sense, right? Yes. And that is why you need to focus more on the hold while making your swing. If you have proper control over the handle, the clubhead is already at your mercy. 

Meanwhile, most golfers who know about the simple handle techniques only apply them when making the full swing, taking for granted the short game. You should not make that mistake. As you are mastering your golf club handles techniques, don’t forget about your short game. 

The impact of a golf club handle at the address and in the backswing 

Let me open your mind. If you want to play golf, you need to care for the details – from the small to big.  How do I mean? Those details will help you to know and perform better. If you take note of the small details and get them right, it will be easier for you to understand better.

Let’s me take you by analyzing how to place your hands correctly at the address and move them correctly throughout the backswing. 

To make standard iron shots, you might need to place your golf club handle directly on the ball at the address. Due to that, the shaft will have a bit of something I call ‘forward lean.’ The reason for that name is because the golf club head will rest behind the ball. 

The term forward lean means that golf club shaft leans at address – a position you would want to return to at impact. When playing your iron shots, you would like to hit down through the golf ball. Mind you that could only happen if your hand stays at the front of the ball at impact. Should your hand lag and the club shaft leans away from your target, you might find it challenging to hit down properly. 

So, here’s the basic rule of thumb: ensure that you set up your iron shots placing your hands directly over the golf ball, and make sure you stay in good shape.

Moving on, let’s learn how the club handle should work during the backswing. Click here for more about the golf club handle.

  • At the start: While the backswing goes on, the handle will undoubtedly move. However, your golf club handle should not be responsible for the whole movement. Instead, let your hands be gentle and allow your shoulders to rotate your entire upper body from the target.  I understand that this might be difficult for you as a beginner. 

Most amateur golfers tend to use their hands aggressively when they start learning how to make swings, leading to various problems in the long run. Learn how to use your shoulders more effectively during the swing to be in much better condition as you swing.

  • At set: As you practice, you will get to a point where you will need to ‘set’ your golf club to complete the backswing correctly. Don’t be intimidated by the term ‘set.’ It refers to how you hinge your wrists to establish a big angle between the club shaft and your left arm. 

Though it is possible to set your golf club at different points during the backswing, some players prefer to wait until transition. I have heard from a few testimonies that they claim that they find comfort setting the golf club halfway back. 

No matter how you want it, what is essential while setting the club is to make sure that you put it nicely and stay in good shape to transition into the downswing.

  • Through the transition: in this phase of the swing, the handle has nothing much to do. Most golfers use the club handle actively at the top of the swing, bringing unimpressive results. If you want to move the handle actively at the top, you will struggle to develop meaningful swing speed. However, you can evade that costly mistake by making the handleless active, using your body to initiate the downswing movements.

You don’t have to struggle with the handle. Position your hips to face the target and let every other thing fall into place naturally. If you make it through the transition without actively using the club handle, you will be in the correct position to hit a nice shot.

On a Final Note

This article might have taught you that there is nothing much to do with your club handle when trying to make an accurate swing. However, it is essential to watch how your clubhead moves during the swing; don’t overlook the essence of the handle. It will help you improve your skills if you pay more attention to the handle than the clubhead. 

Best Guide on How to Approach the Whole Golf Club Fitting Process

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